Chinese Medicine:

Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxibustion

These centuries-old therapies use
stimulation, heat and suction to
re-align your body’s energy
channels, providing effective
relief from common
physical, emotional and
mental disorders.

Myofascial Taping

A very effective method to improve
muscle function, reduce pain
and increase movement.

Emmett Technique

A light touch non-invasive therapy
to induce relaxation and
relieve muscle tension.

I became an
acupuncturist after
experiencing its amazing
effects for myself


Mission Statement

“We believe that each individual has the intrinsic ability to heal aspects of their body and mind, using the gentle and natural approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine style acupuncture to achieve equilibrium within the body. Chameleon Acupuncture & Wellness in partnership with our patients, we will support, empower and provide the treatment and information they require to be part of their own healing and helping them to sustain and promote future health, fitness and wellbeing”

Vision Statement

“The primary goal of Chameleon acupuncture is to maintain a safe, caring, professional environment where Traditional Chinese medicine combined with evidence-based research is practiced with integrity and compassion; where each patient is treated as a unique individual and assisted to achieve their optimum health”

Where we are

The Clinic is open Monday to Friday and is located in the Hawkesyard Estate just off the Rugeley road (A513) at 8 Horseley Croft, Hawkesyard, Rugeley, Staffordshire.

What our customers say:

Acupuncture is the only thing that gives me lasting relief for back pain (Dave, 35 HGV driver)

Vikki was fantastic, treating my foot with acupuncture and taping and I no longer have any pain. . .
Jackie 62

Thank you Vikki for your time, expertise and to feeling so much better for not having had a headache for 4weeks.

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If you’re still not convinced and have lots of questions

Is it safe?

How many sessions will I need?

Can my children have acupuncture?

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If you’re keen but not sure if it can help your condition

Maybe you’ve heard about Acupuncture. but you’re unsure if it can help improve your particular condition. Have a look at the fact sheets on common conditions that can be treated with acupuncture.

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If you’re keen but anxious…

Maybe you have been recommended acupuncture and you want to try it but are feeling nervous or anxious. Just contact Vikki and Vikki can talk you through everything and put you at ease.

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