Paying for and booking your appointment,
pre-treatment forms to complete and what to expect at your first session

How to Pay

I accept cash, cards or bank transfers

First Appointment for new patients

Acupuncture FIRST consultantion [including treatment] £45 [approx. 90 minutes]

Package Deal – new patients

Book a First consultation then 5 follow up appointments for £190 [usually £220],
you don’t have to book all your appointments in advance you can just book them as you need them.

Regular Appointment for existing patients

Acupuncture regular appointment £35 [60 minutes]
This is a regular appointment for existing patients.

If you haven’t visited Chameleon acupuncture and wellness before, please note that before you can book a regular Acupuncture
appointment, you’ll need to book an “Acupuncture FIRST consultation [including treatment]” at £45, above.

Package Deal – existing patients

Package deal book 6 regular appointments for £180 [usually £210]
you don’t have to book all your appointments in advance, you can just book them, as you need them.

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Please take a moment to read my policy on cancellations, lateness and no-shows

What to expect at your first session

In your first acupuncture treatment, I’ll ask you a LOT of questions! Not just about the reason you’ve come for treatment, but also about your general health.

I’ll also listen to your pulse and look at your tongue. This detailed information allows me to formulate a diagnosis that looks not just at the symptoms, but also at the underlying imbalances that contribute to your health issues.

I’ll formulate a diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms and give you a first treatment based on this.

As you progress through a course of treatment, I’ll fine-tune your treatment based on your progress and any other symptoms that emerge.